Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Border Blame Game: Biden Administration Accuses Texas, but the Facts Tell a Different Story

Under Biden’s leadership, the southern border has witnessed the deaths of hundreds of illegal border crossers, largely ignored by the media. Democrats’ open border policies have left migrants vulnerable to various dangers, including human trafficking, smuggling, cartels, drug exposure, and treacherous terrains.

It wasn’t until the recent drowning of a migrant mother and two children that media outlets started assigning blame for the escalating humanitarian crisis. Allegations were thrown at the Texas National Guard, accusing them of “blocking” federal border agents from saving illegal crossers. These claims originated from Biden’s Department of Homeland Security, which sent a cease-and-desist letter to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

The letter stated that Texas refused Border Patrol access to the border on January 12, leading to the tragic drownings. The White House echoed these accusations, claiming that Texas officials obstructed emergency assistance from U.S. Border Patrol.

However, a closer look reveals a different timeline. The U.S. Solicitor General clarified that Texas National Guardsmen were among the last to be informed about the drownings, with Mexican officials being the first to notify Border Patrol. The migrants had already been deceased for an hour before Texas was alerted.

The Biden administration’s attempt to shift blame onto the Texas National Guard is not only factually incorrect but also ridiculous. In a complaint filed, the administration argued that Texas’ seizure of a high-traffic illegal border crossing area would hinder Border Patrol from aiding migrants in danger.

This is not the first time the Biden administration has scapegoated those on the ground. Previous allegations, such as the debunked story of Border Patrol agents whipping migrants, reveal a pattern of manufacturing outrage to divert attention from the true issues.

Despite claims to the contrary, the real malfeasance lies with the Biden administration, which has neglected the escalating national security crisis and resorts to misinformation to cover it up. The blame game continues, but the facts speak for themselves.