Saturday, July 20, 2024

I am retired Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor, a combat veteran who had the privilege of serving as a Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Defense under President Trump. Currently, I serve as the CEO of Our Country Our Choice (OCOC), a combined people’s movement and media company whose vision is to identify millions of like-minded Americans and build the most extensive group of informed activists ever assembled.

Our country is being systematically destroyed. Americans see this and know we will suffer unless we stop this. However, without unity we will not succeed.

Our plan involves everyone who loves this country. Our Country needs you more than ever. You can imagine what millions of united Americans are capable to do. We can save this country. We can compel change in Washington, D.C. Do not underestimate the power of numbers when we are united.

We are not political organization, but with our media platform, we promote candidates who are running for the office to serve American people. We encourage candidates who only take donations from private people to contact us.

The Point Is:

Our members must help us to grow. If every one of you will recruit 10 new members, we will be 1M strong movement in few weeks. We have brochures which you can download from our website. You can print them, e-mail them, or send them as an attachment on your cell phone.

Together we can change history and take our country back.

Imagine the kind of pressure our movement with millions of active Americans will exert on policy makers and the deep state. We will be able to remove those who are destroying our country.

We are also calling upon likeminded organizations to join us. Affiliated organizations can be linked to our website, and you will be able to market your concepts and ideas. We have several important issues for action.


We need leaders who are willing to volunteer, lead our members, and hand out our material and brochures at events in your counties. We want chapters of Our Country Our Choice across the country. If you are ready to take the step up and become a local leader. Please click the button below “volunteer local leader” and sign up for the fight.

Supporting Member

We are people’s movement. Our founding members have provided us with the funding.

We now have 100,000 members without any advertising. We have received wonderful members, who all are committed to fighting for our country, and we are united in the love towards our nation. We have received tens of thousands of amazing email form our members.

Our first volunteer drive got us to 12,000 volunteers. We had to pause the program because we didn’t have enough team leaders to work. We need and appreciate you all and now we need more team leaders to lead millions of volunteers.

Our original idea of people’s movement was to get an average $1/member, which allows us to run the servers, hire people, establish regional offices, and get material to our volunteers. Many of you have sent us e-mails letting us now that you are willing to support us financially. Thank you.

We now need to hire more people to support and establish regional offices to work with our volunteers. If you can contribute in any way during this next phase, we will be deeply grateful. Know we are in a year of decision for the American People and we will prevail!

I could not thank you more.

We have a great country, and we will not let ANYONE to destroy it.

May God Bless You, Your Family and this amazing country.