Saturday, July 20, 2024


Friends, Our Country Our Choice has partnered with a new social media platform called RE:PUBLIC. This platform is tailored to provide activists and organizations with a larger, like-minded audience.

RE:PUBLIC is scheduled to launch in August 2024.

RE:PUBLIC focuses specifically on local issues within towns, counties, and states, and aims to take corrupt, big-tech platforms head on. This platform serves as a dedicated space where patriotic Americans can amplify their voices, affect real change, and take action. It's designed to empower the people, reclaim free speech, and combat corruption; ultimately contributing to a better nation for generations to come.

If you're an activist or part of an organization interested in being among the first to access this innovative platform, please register for our program. Share details about your local activities. If you or an organization you know is actively involved in town events, school boards, county affairs, or elections, please sign up.

America needs your patriotic activism.

RE:PUBLIC will ensure your voice is heard and your actions gain support from a large, like-minded local audience like never before.

It's time to reclaim our country.

May God bless you, your family and our great nation.