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Americans' trust in our electoral system is eroding. As revealed by a comprehensive study following the 2020 elections, almost 40% of registered voters, spanning the political spectrum, express doubts about the fairness and freedom of our elections.

Congressional initiatives, such as the misleadingly named “For the People Act,” seek to permanently curtail states’ authority to regulate elections. This includes mandating ballot harvesting, creating avenues for non-citizens to vote, and institutionalizing voter fraud as a recurring feature in elections, among other risky provisions.


The integrity of the voting process faces a significant threat from an entrenched political class in Washington determined to diminish the influence of its citizens in favor of retaining perpetual power. The Pandemic led to a surge in mail-in voting initiatives. Unfortunately, this presented a golden opportunity for political elites to exploit methods conducive to increased voter fraud, ultimately serving their long-term political interests.

Our Country Our Choice is committed to safeguarding the dignity of the vote and to defending the integrity of our elections. Therefore, elections need to be secure and transparent, and the results of our elections must represent the will of “We the People” as our founding fathers intended.


By uniting our efforts, we have the power to rebuild trust, transparency, and integrity in our electoral processes. Our Country Our Choice has launched a dedicated project aimed at promoting fair and trustworthy elections. If this is an issue that concerns you or your organization, we invite you to become a part of our project. Together we can strengthen the very foundation of our republic.

  1. Try to become an Election worker
  2. Raise Awareness:
    • Spread the word about challenges to Election Integrity. Share information on social media, in local gatherings, and among friends and family to ensure everyone is aware of the issues at hand.
  3. Increase Education:
    • Take the time to familiarize yourself with the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the election laws/processes in your state and county.
  4. Exercise Your Civic Duty:
    • Voting in elections is not only a right; it’s our civic duty.
    • Vote in every election.
    • Vote in person if at all possible.
    • Report issues with your ballot or voting experience to your election office.
    • Do not agree to complete a provisional ballot. Call your election office immediately and ask if there is another location where you can vote in person.
  5. Volunteer Your Time:
    • Dedicate your time to volunteering with local election integrity organizations to tackle these challenges. Whether it’s a few hours a week or a one-time event, your contribution can make a significant impact.
  6. Support Election Integrity Fundraising Efforts:
    • Financial support is crucial for sustaining initiatives aimed at addressing Election Integrity. Contribute to fundraising campaigns, sponsor events, or organize your efforts to generate funds for essential election integrity efforts.

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