Thursday, May 23, 2024

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

When the European Union Parliament, last month, February 2024, agreed to enact the Digital ID in the EU, they noted that now the Central Bank Digital Currency could follow seeing as all citizens would be granted their “digital wallets”.  Digital ID and CBDC are inextricably linked.  

In other words, those advocating the rollout of a CBDC are either naïve or lacking in understanding to think that this can be done without establishing a centralized surveillance system for all financial transacting.  Even if such surveillance is not included in the [initial] design, it would be simple to add it at a later stage. Once such a window to surveillance and total government over reach and intrusion is opened, it is virtually impossible to close.

While promoting the unveiling of CBDC, other forms of currency will be made obsolete, commercial banks will largely eventually LOSE their function, and the CBDC system will be a closed system, serving the interests it considered desirable. 

Understanding the CBDC Control Grid: Preparing to Opt Out – Insights from James

In this presentation for the CBDC Opt Out Challenge, James explains what you need to know about the CBDC control grid and how we can begin our preparations to opt out of it.  Many simple practical steps are mentioned.  Several Experts share their ideas on why CBDCs are very risky and how people can secure their resources.

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Central Bank Digital Currency

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