Thursday, May 23, 2024


Governments worldwide are either investigating or implementing new systems of digital Identification. Digital ID Bills are being introduced setting the foundations for a centralized framework, with globally standardized biometric technologies to be issued to all citizens worldwide as standard identification. The is the keystone for many other means of centralized ideas to take root in society and slowly lessen, limit and ultimately threaten national sovereignty and personal freedoms.

This very concerning piece of legislation is the foundation for controlling citizens to access basically all daily functions, be it internet access, access to financial services, access to your own money, property rights, health care and educational access, access to travel and so on.

Take action against any legislation supporting Global Standardized Digital ID systems. Support your government representatives and local leaders who are defending us from this. Educate yourselves and share your knowledge. Take part in any government committees you can and affect changes at the local level. For more information on Digital ID, please see below.

Digital ID- what is really being proposed?

Kate Mason explains the digital ID and what is really being proposed.

A 15 minute Deep Dive into the many aspects of Digital ID. Using dozens of evidence based reports from official organizations, we are shown with absolute certainty what is going on in terms of Digital ID, as a Global Idea.

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