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WHO Pandemic Treaty


The World Health Organization (WHO)  is a Specialized Agency of the United Nations.  The current draft of the WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty, fails to enshrine core human rights standards protected under international law, most notably the right to health and the right to benefit from scientific progress, therefore risking a repeat of the tragic failures during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The drafting process has repeatedly failed to ensure effective and meaningful participation by all stakeholders, especially those from marginalized and criminalized communities. In early 2022, the Civil Society Alliance for Human Rights in the Pandemic Treaty drew attention to the need to ensure full participation in the drafting process. The negotiating body disregarded these calls. Instead, the draft reflects a process disproportionately guided by corporate demands and the policy positions of high-income governments seeking to protect the power of private actors in health including the pharmaceutical industry. 1

This is a time sensitive process and educate yourselves now to take effective action.


Unveiling the World Health Organization: Insights from James Roguski’s Overview

James Roguski has spent years reviewing the documentation surrounding the WHO.  He shares his journey with you providing a wealth of robust evidence based information.  

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