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The world’s natural environment is made up of ecosystems.  Humanity’s place in this world is to interact with nature in such a way as to both respect and sustain all of our resources, while improving the human condition overall.  But money and politics remain in the way, and greed and power have now paved the way for a great distortion of ecological sustainability.  While there are atmospheric imbalances, of many gases, and while there remain serious concerns regarding our oceans, our fresh water supplies, our soils and the levels of forever chemicals and genetically altered substances risking our future and that of all other species too, environmental concerns, specifically climate change are being used as partial truths to usher in a global carbon control system.   To start with, the climate discussion cannot be held without geoengineering entering the dialogue.

The energy dialogue need be opened to all types of technological advancements and all forms of energy.  There can be no censorship if there is to be science.  There can be no monologues if there is to be democracy.  

There is no doubt that Humanity can vastly improve our attitude and our behavior when it comes to caring for the ecology on which all life depends.  Let us defend our planet from the big money and power games, and act locally to find a more balanced and healthful way of living.

Heading – Geoengineering  – A Scientific Evidenced-based Documentary

Climate engineering operations, such as the spraying of toxic particles into the atmosphere, are causing global dimming, harming the environment and human health, and pose a serious national security problem that needs further investigation and transparency.


Heading – Food Water and Energy

WEF involvement in the most Serious Economic and Social Crisis in World History.

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